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Monday, August 10, 2009

Cada cabeza es un mundo.
Cada culo un callejon.
(channelling Abuelita Cuca aka Dona Refu)

This one is a keeper, because you can just say "Every head is a world onto it's own." A bit like "to each his own" or "everyone has their own opinion." Simple enough, and polite. You can just leave it there and leave the rest unsaid, but implied. Or not.
The "culo /callejon" reference seems to imply that regardless of the fact that you are entitled to your opinion, your opinion will none the less be channeled out your asshole...a very wide and one "Buey" street. So much for your opinion.

All in all, to paraphrase, "yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but you can also blow it out your ass."

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dios no esta cumpliendo antojos ni enderesando horonchis.  
"God is not in the habit of granting frivolous wishes, nor straightening hunchbacks"

Sink or swim whiner, The Lord is too busy to listen to your bullshit.