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Thursday, October 29, 2009

La cascara guarda el palo.

The bark protects the tree.

This is often used as an excuse for not bathing.

Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres.

Tell me who you hang with and I will tell you who you are.

Show me your posse, and Ill tell you why tu Madre is on your case. Why is it you only have losers for Facebook amigos? Why are you always the last to know? Why are you a Raiders fan? Look around you....

Una gallina nunca se junta con un coyote.

A chicken will never get together with a coyote.

Perhaps not, but then why do so many a gabachas ever marry Mexicans? Why would a moth circle a flame? Why would a chicken cross the road? Well, because Gabachas really want the E ticket, and much like moths they are mesmerized by light and heat, and the gallina is always sort of trying to get away from Wylie E.

En gustos se rompen generos.

Different tastes will result in torn fabric.

This is only true if two headstrong incredibly voluptuous room temp IQ seamstresses are working on the same pattern and get into a hair pulling, clothes ripping, drag out chick fight. Otherwise, who would even care about differences of aesthetic sensibilities?

Cuchillo de palo no corta pero bien que chinga (jode).

A wooden knife can not cut, but it sure can fuck you up. (wear on you)

This is a bit like the Bush administration, A dull dim witted utensil will wear on you….(for what seems like 20 years) and in retrospect besides being irritating, it really fucks everything up.

El que es barrigon aunque lo cinchen.

He who is a fat will be fat regardless of how tight the girdle is laced.

Fat is fat. Painted toe nails, new shoes, butterfly tattoos, whale tails, or whatever…. You still be fat. That goes for guys too. You can’t hide behind a fog of old spice or the flash of a gold AmEx card, although the flash of bling will dazzle the dimwitted after last call.

Ni tanto que queme al santo, ni tanto que quede obscuras.

Not so close as to burn the saint, nor so far as to leave him in darkness.

Votive candles, like single malt scotch or garlic are best administered or consumed in moderation. Too much too close (or soon) will burn or put the lights out.

El hombre pone y Dios dispone.

A man makes plans, and God makes them happen. Or not. This goes back to the vindictive God thing. Man is an impotent pawn in a cosmic game of Chutes and Ladders. You throw the dice and snake eyes bite you in the ass. This God guy has a perverse sense of humor. Just think of it as: “if you want it, you don’t deserve it and cant’t have it.” God has a bad attitude from being nailed to a cross and drinking cheap wine.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lo nuevo empuja lo Viejo.

Ah yes, the new will push the old. Usually this refers to old age accepting the inevitable progression of time and graciously stepping aside or rather be rudely pushed aside. Or, it could also refer to an impending bowel movement after a large meal.

No me admiro del bien de mijo sino lo malimpuesto que queda

I am not impressed with the success of my son, but rather his sense of entitlement.

Whoa. This one is too close to home. My dad was obviously referring to mi hermano. Pinche mal agradecido.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

El que da y quita, con el diablo se desquita

He who gives something and then takes it back, will make his final accounting in hell (with the devil). This runs contrary to the biblical axiom “the Lord giveth the Lord taketh”, but then this might be a “do as I say not as I do thing.” Biblical situational ethics cover a multitude of pecados, apparently.

Se vende como pan caliente

This can literally be translated as “It sells like hot cakes.” Very seldomly do dichos translate literally. This one does. It makes you wonder which came first the pan dulce or the flapjack. Pinche gabachos have stolen everything else, so I am guessing that they stole this too.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

La burra no era arizca, la hizieron.

The donkey was not born gun shy. They made her that way.
Well, this one is broadly applicable, from kicking small pets to dope slapping novias. If they flinch, it is because they have learned to duck. Shame. Girl friends should never be slapped. Ever. Oh yeah, pinche rat dogs should not survive the first patada. Ever.